Thieves Break into Post Office in Delhi's Shahdara, Find Only Rs 487

An incident was registered inside this respect and authorities is attempting to interrogate the suspects.

The intruders simply were able to locate R S 487 from the bucks torso and returned it, oblivious that there clearly was approximately Rs 5,000 at a purse lying near.  After the police arrived at the area, they located that the R S 5000 still left unaffected.

'It is probable the condition of the construction gave the burglar the idea to perpetrate the thieving. 

New Delhi: On Monday, a few unknown men entered that a postoffice later dividing up its walls at Shahdara's Mansarovar playground, expecting to find a great quantity of cash, but it wasn't their afternoon.

'They returned in the area with R S 487.  We've watched the CCTV camera footage also discovered a youthful boy has been likewise included with the episode,' a senior officer claimed.
Even the postoffice is situated in a older construction from Mansarovar Park spot, the authorities stated, incorporating that the suspects left an entire from the decrease portion of their construction's walls to input it.

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